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Boris Graffiti 5.30.600

A piece of software for creating title and vector effects
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Boris Graffiti is a piece of software designed for creating titles, graphics, title and vector animation, or 3D text.
The utility is quite complex, as it allows you to adjust numerous settings. Consequently, if you are not very experienced with simillar types of programs, it would probably take you quite a bit of time to learn how to master it. The utility grants you extensive control over the aspect of an image, by allowing you to change the settings for its position, pivot, camera, motion blur, lighting, etc.

The library browser includes an impressive number of preset effects. For instance, these can allow you to animate a piece of text so as to wiggle like a snake, to move on a predefined course, to circle around an imaginary sphere, to dissolve into particles, or to have its characters roll over. Several filters are at your disposal, and they will help you to modify color, blurs, lights, and perspective, among others. You are even able to create 2D and 3D charts for a given spreadsheet or a particular set of user-input data. Furthermore, the program enables you to animate vector-oriented shapes and painting.

The varied tools and setting possibilities included make Boris Graffiti a program that one can not easily familiarize with, but which is very useful for creating complex effects for titles and vectors.

Margie Smeer
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  • Large library of preset effects
  • Can create 2D and 3D charts
  • 3D text and shapes


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